Other Practical Ways to Help

If you believe that you can serve in any of the following ways, please contact either our Area Director, Kristy Schauermann, (425) 478-7104 or our Area Administrator, Toni Birney (425) 419-6910.
Here are several different ways to help our area.
* Babysit for free for YL leaders who have children.
* Be a bowl-a-thon participant (this requires raising money for the area).
* Donate baby products for our ministry to teen moms
* Donate needed game and skit items for outreach events
* Donate Starbucks card for a leader to use for contact work
* Drive kids to and from Young Life events (this requires you to pass a Driver's Questionnaire and a background check).
* Financially support the ministry monthly or annually (view "How to Become a Donor" for more information)
* Help out with fundraiser events and tasks
* Invite high school or middle school students to YL club
* Invite people to our fundraising dessert/banquet
* Loan a 7 to 12 passenger vehicle to transport kids
* Make/buy meals for leaders and/or students prior to club or leader meetings
* Mentor a YL leader
* Mentor a teen mom
* Middle school club chaperone and/or door guard
* Open up home for YL events and/or leader training
* Photographer - take photos at YL events (most needed at MTHS)
* Plan and execute a fundraiser for YL
* Prayer team
* Purchase a Edmonds School District game pass for a leader to use for contact work ($40 for 10 games)
* Technical & Media Support and/or Videographer
* Word of mouth promotion.  Help get people involved.


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